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Will & Angela Wedding | Seattle, WA

March 25, 2014  •  2 Comments

Will & Angela Wedding | Seattle, WA | 3.22.14

There's something to be said for the non-traditional wedding. That sense of uniqueness and personalization can make for a truly amazing wedding day. Will & Angela took their easy-going, adventurous spirits and set the tone for their one-of-a-kind ceremonial weekend in Seattle, Washington. Toiling over the obstacles of a destination wedding, Will & Angela opted to keep it simple by including only their closest family members. In an effort not to leave anyone out, Will & Angela will be continuing on the festivities with a reception in their home base town of Sun Valley, Idaho. 

Let's not get ahead of ourselves now… The big day began at Angela's lovely parent's home in Seattle's north suburb of Edmonds. 



With Angela looking her absolute finest, we made our way south down to the sentimental grounds of Discovery Park.


Keeping with the adventurous spirit, Will & Angela opted for a pre-dinner stop off at their favorite bar in Ballard, King's Hardware

Properly relaxed, the wedding party made their way to one of Seattle's finest dining establishments, Canlis restaurant. 

Palettes were pleased, kind words were exchanged, and the first chapter in a beautiful marriage began. Congratulations Will & Angela!

Many thanks to the McNeal & Wahl families |  the forgiving Seattle weather | Discovery Park | King's Hardware | Canlis Restaurant.


ray j. gadd
It truly was a wonderful day, Sarah. So glad you've enjoyed a peak at the photos!
It was a wonderful day and Ray, from what I have seen so far, you captured it beautifully.
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