Born and raised Idahoan. Slightly bias but still an equal opportunity explorer. Ketchum, Idaho has been basecamp for the last 6 years and what a trip it’s been.

My folks took a chance on the little known potato state some 30 plus years ago. They bought a van, stuffed me in a front pack and set out to see what this place was all about. I took it for granted at the time, but somehow can’t shake the idea that those early experiences must have left an exploratory ember smoldering deep down inside.

Fast forward to the post collegiate days where deep breaths, good friends and parental influences fanned the flames and the urge to wander combusted. From multi-week, overseas sagas fostered by the folks to solo road trips throughout the western states brought about a yearning to drink it all in. Re-discovered tools such as the mountain bike, skis, fly rod and camera opened new doors for exploration all while further enhancing each experience. Capturing the adventures, moments, places and faces quickly brought photography to the forefront of my world. The ability to share and re-live these moments brought about instant and long standing feelings of gratification that kept me coming back for more. With ample amounts of trial and error, this hobby graciously opened the doors to a more full-fledged career.

The day to day grind of life tends to get in the way wanderlust yearnings these days but I make every effort to embrace the weekend warrior spirit and schedule in those much-needed sabbaticals. Scouting for trout, getting lost on singletrack trails, testing my wits on the backcountry ski routes and trying my luck at surfing are just a few of the current things that keep stoking the flames.


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