ray j. gadd | John & Emily Wedding | Wild Horse Creek Ranch | Mackay, Idaho

John & Emily Wedding | Wild Horse Creek Ranch | Mackay, Idaho

July 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

Tucked under central Idaho's Pioneer Mountains and just off the East Fork of the Lost River lies the picturesque Wild Horse Creek Ranch. John and Emily chose this hidden gem to host their closest friends and families for an unforgettable wedding over the long 4th of July weekend.

Sustainability was of utmost importance to these two and they orchestrated a thoughtful spread of food and beverages were sourced as locally as possible all while doing their best to minimize waste. Every detail was carefully considered. It was a beautiful sight to see! _62A2615_62A2615 _62A2618_62A2618 _62A2628_62A2628 _62A2668_62A2668 _62A2680_62A2680 _62A2688_62A2688 _62A2747_62A2747 _62A2768_62A2768 _62A2794_62A2794 _62A2805_62A2805 _62A2808_62A2808 _62A2867_62A2867 _62A2935_62A2935 _62A2936_62A2936 _62A2941_62A2941 _62A2945_62A2945 _62A2955_62A2955 _62A2959_62A2959 _62A2966_62A2966 _62A2976_62A2976 _62A2980_62A2980 _62A2989_62A2989 _62A2995_62A2995 _62A3002_62A3002 _62A3030_62A3030 _62A3046_62A3046 _62A3090_62A3090 _62A3094_62A3094 _62A3127_62A3127 _62A3135_62A3135 _62A3140_62A3140 _62A3173_62A3173 _62A3182_62A3182 _62A3202_62A3202 _62A3215_62A3215 _62A3244_62A3244 _62A3253_62A3253 _62A3265_62A3265 _62A3275_62A3275 _62A3280_62A3280 _62A3310_62A3310 _62A3314_62A3314 _62A3315_62A3315 _62A3325_62A3325 _62A3327_62A3327 _62A3329_62A3329 _62A3341_62A3341 _62A3343_62A3343 _62A3346_62A3346 _62A3360_62A3360 _62A3388_62A3388 _62A3404_62A3404 _62A3413_62A3413 _62A3418_62A3418   _62A3447_62A3447 _62A3441_62A3441 _62A3433_62A3433

_62A3459_62A3459 _62A3465_62A3465 _62A3481_62A3481 _62A3478_62A3478 _62A3592_62A3592 _62A3594_62A3594 _62A3625_62A3625 _62A3632_62A3632 _62A3057_62A3057 _62A3059_62A3059 _62A3069_62A3069 _62A3606_62A3606 _62A3608_62A3608 _62A3505_62A3505 _62A3533_62A3533 _62A3535_62A3535 _62A3545_62A3545 _62A3566_62A3566 _62A3580_62A3580 _62A3569_62A3569 _62A3720_62A3720 _62A3785_62A3785 _62A3829_62A3829 _62A3853_62A3853 _62A3868_62A3868   _62A3878_62A3878

Much credit goes to John, pictured above, who orchestrated this fun cowboy/girl boot story. Thanks John!

  _62A3886_62A3886 _62A3895_62A3895   _62A3900_62A3900   _62A3907_62A3907 _62A3902_62A3902   _62A3898_62A3898 _62A3906_62A3906   _62A3943_62A3943 _62A3913_62A3913 _62A4250_62A4250 _62A3918_62A3918 _62A3922_62A3922 _62A3925_62A3925 _62A3927_62A3927 _62A3928_62A3928   _62A3936_62A3936 _62A3935_62A3935 _62A3932_62A3932 _62A3938_62A3938   _62A3944_62A3944 _62A3977_62A3977 _62A4000_62A4000 _62A4005_62A4005 _62A4016_62A4016 _62A4017_62A4017 _62A4041_62A4041 _62A4061_62A4061 _62A4066_62A4066 _62A4073_62A4073 _62A4111_62A4111 _62A4118_62A4118 _62A4123_62A4123 _62A4136_62A4136 _62A4223_62A4223 _62A4226_62A4226 _62A4232_62A4232 _62A4236_62A4236 _62A4238_62A4238 _62A4241_62A4241 _62A4246_62A4246 _62A4176_62A4176 _62A4180_62A4180 _62A4191_62A4191 _62A4142_62A4142 _62A4153_62A4153 _62A4144_62A4144 _62A4166_62A4166 _62A4172_62A4172 _62A4156_62A4156

It as truly a beautiful day inside and out. So happy for the two of you! Congratulations!


Suzanne Canova(non-registered)
Emily... the pictures made me CRY. Thank you for sending them, you both look enraptured.
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