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Carter & Erica Sun Valley Wedding

March 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Erica & Carter's much anticipated wedding day was greeted with beautiful sunny skies and inviting March temperatures. While Carter & Erica didn't need any other reason to be joyous, this was the kind of day that couldn't help but put a smile on your face. 

Erica and her lovely bridesmaids spent their morning preparing at a relative's gorgeous Golden Eagle home. 

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Meanwhile, the boys kept it classy up at the Sun Valley Golf Clubhouse.   _62A6681_62A6681 _62A6700_62A6700 _62A6726_62A6726 _62A6789_62A6789 _62A6790_62A6790

The St. Thomas Episcopal Church draws in brilliant light as the sun dances just above the Bald Mountain backdrop. 

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The couple chose Sun Valley's River Run Lodge for their reception festivities. The decor truly transformed the space in to a jaw-dropping ballroom.   _62A7352_62A7352 _62A7384_62A7384 _62A7389_62A7389 _62A7394_62A7394 _62A7417_62A7417 _62A7426_62A7426 _62A7427_62A7427 _62A7429_62A7429 \ _62A7464_62A7464 _62A7466_62A7466 _62A7478_62A7478 _62A7491_62A7491 _62A7497_62A7497 _62A7504_62A7504 _62A7523_62A7523 _62A7529_62A7529 _62A7532_62A7532 _62A7540_62A7540 _62A7543_62A7543 _62A7560_62A7560 _62A7564_62A7564 _62A7573_62A7573 _62A7578_62A7578

_62A7587_62A7587 _62A7592_62A7592 _62A7597_62A7597 _62A7598_62A7598 _62A7615_62A7615 _62A7623_62A7623 _62A7679_62A7679 _62A7723_62A7723 _62A7737_62A7737 _62A7761_62A7761 _62A7762_62A7762 _62A7763_62A7763 _62A7764_62A7764 _62A7778_62A7778 _62A7784_62A7784 _62A7800_62A7800

_62A7445_62A7445 _62A7442_62A7442 ​Such a beautiful wedding through and through. Congratulations Carter & Erica!

Wedding Planner: Amanda Seward | Flowers: Tara Bella | Catering: Sun Valley Company | Rehearsal Dinner: Roundhouse Lodge | Church: St. Thomas Episcopal | Reception: River Run Lodge


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