ray j. gadd | Jenna & Brad Engagement - Sun Valley, Idaho

Jenna & Brad Engagement - Sun Valley, Idaho

October 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Crisp evening temperatures and abbreviated sunlight hours have slowly tightened their grip on this wondrous autumn season we have been experiencing. As the transition takes effect, we eagerly searched for the remaining fleeting fall colors for Jenna & Brad's engagement session. A gorgeous, warm, vibrant day graced us accompanied by big smiles and ample amounts of affection from these two phenomenal people. It was a fantastic afternoon capturing the warmth of not only the fall colors but also that between Brad & Jenna. I can't wait for the wedding this summer in McCall, Idaho!

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Thanks for a great day, Jenna and Brad! See you this summer. 

Wedding Engagement Location: Sun Valley, Idaho


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