I’m Ray J. Gadd, I started my career in photography as an intern for Steve Smith Photography. Throughout that year and a half of interning, I learned countless techniques in and out of the studio. After completing my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Boise State University in December 2007, I was offered me a full time position with them as a contributing photographer as and marketing director. After five years, I decided to take an opportunity in Sun Valley working for the Picket Fence as their director of photography and marketing coordinator, while expanding on my freelance business, Ray J. Gadd Photography. Over the years I have had great opportunities to capture beautiful moments, from perfect pow lines and huge steelhead trout to heart-touching vows and inspiring speeches.

Beyond the business aspects of me, I consider myself a laid back active individual. I enjoy traveling, skiing, surfing, mountain/road biking, fly-fishing and a whole slew of other activities. The great outdoors has greatly influenced the subject matter that I photograph. Scenic landscapes are the prevailing images that inspire me in my photography. However, I am learning to appreciate the power of controlling the lighting in a studio. I hope that this give a better perspective of who I am.